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Can I place an order as a private individual?

No. We are a B2B company and only sell to commercial customers.

Can I get samples?

Yes. We will be happy to send you samples. The samples are always delivered with our Dahlinger logo. If the articles are in stock and the value of the goods is less than 25 € (30 CHF / 25 GBP / 45 USD / 200 DKK / 260 SEK), you will receive the samples free of charge.

What are the shipping costs?
See page Shipping costs.
I am already a customer of Dahlinger. How can I log in?

Please use the "Forgot password" function.

  • If your e-mail address is already assigned to your customer account, we will automatically send you a link by e-mail to set up a password. After you have set up your password, you are successfully connected to your customer account at Dahlinger. You have access to your order history, your printing dies, your usual method of payment and you can order immediately.

  • If your e-mail address is not assigned to a customer account, the message "This e-mail address is invalid or is not known to us" will appear. In this case, please register anew and specify your customer number. After you have registered, you can also order immediately. Access to your order history, your printing dies and your usual payment method can only be enabled once we have checked your customer number and registration data. After successful verification you will receive an e-mail from us.
Are the prices incl. VAT?

The prices in our online shop are net prices without VAT. The statutory German value added tax is 19%. Customers with a billing address in EU countries and a valid sales tax identification number (VAT ID no.) do not have to pay VAT.

How can I pay in the online shop?
  • As a new customer you can pay by credit card or prepayment. You can pay directly in the online shop by credit card.
    In order to make your prepayment, we will send you a proforma invoice by separate e-mail. Your order can only be processed after receipt of payment.
  • As a regular customer, you can buy on account or pay by SEPA basic direct debit.
What is the minimum order value?

For the UK, a minimum order value of £150 is mandatory. For orders in the currency USD, the minimum order value is $250 net. Below this, a handling fee of $25 will apply. For orders not sent via the online shop, the following minimum order value/handling fee still applies: 150/15 €, 170/17 CHF, 250/25 $, 1200/120 DKK, 1500/150 SEK.

What are your delivery times?

Before the last step of the order process, the estimated shipping date will be indicated in the online shop. If you will make a prepayment or if we have to produce new printing dies and we need your approval of the proof, the delivery time will be extended accordingly.

Can the products be printed with our logo?

Yes! The logo of Dahlinger is only a placeholder for your own logo or your desired text. Our products are of course also available without printing.
All products outside the online shop are customer solutions and are not available to other customers.

How much does the print cost?

The cost of a single-colour imprint per item is included in the price. Two single-colour imprints are included in the price of the boxes including outerbox. If you select several imprints or a two-colour imprint for an article in the configurator, the printing costs incurred are displayed in the shopping cart.

How much does the printing block (die) cost?

There are costs for the production of new dies, which vary depending on the size of the die. If you create a new die in the configurator, the resulting die costs are displayed in the shopping cart.
We stock the produced dies. You can use these existing dies for subsequent orders without having to pay die costs again.

What file do you need to make up a printing die?

Our possibility to produce a printing die depends very much on the quality of the file you provide us with.
Please note the following information about file formats: Accepted file formats are gif, jpg, png, svg, tif, pdf, ai and eps. Pixel graphics must be at least 1500 x 1300 px. There must be no raster, no colour gradients and no soft edges. Fonts must be converted into paths. Files should be monochrome, have little to no border and have a transparent background. If your file has a white or coloured background, please use in the imprint configurator the "Create transparency" tool before selecting the imprint colour.

Why do I only see my logo as a coloured area?

You will only see a coloured area in the configurator if your file has a background.
Click on Create transparency ,
then click on the part of the image that you do not want to be printed (e.g. the background of the logo),
then click on the Erase selected colour button under the preview.
Only now select the Imprint colour

Even if you are not yet satisfied with the result, you are welcome to finalise the configuration. The configurator is only a simplified preview of your print. Every new logo is checked by professionals and before we produce a die (printing stamp), you will receive a proof by e-mail, which you can check and approve.

Will I receive a proof in advance?

If you upload and use a new logo in our imprint configurator, you can request a proof/rework. Your logo will then be checked by us free of charge and you will receive a PDF file by e-mail for approval.
If you would like a real test imprint, we must charge you the printing die costs and shipping costs.

Where do I see my existing dies?

In the imprint configurator under Select artwork  >  Existing dies you can only see the dies that fit the selected imprint side of the article. Dies that are too large, too small or technically unsuitable are not displayed.

Are other printing colours besides gold or silver possible?

Yes, for printing you have 34 foil colours and blind printing (debossed printing without hot-foil) to choose from. The imprint configurator displays all printing colours that are possible for the selected article.

Can I exchange goods?

Goods are made or modified to order or as a special production run and cannot be exchanged.

Will silver jewellery tarnish in the packaging of Dahlinger?

In the packaging materials we use, silver jewellery will not tarnish any more or less than it does when exposed to air. The quality and integrity of the anti-tarnishing method used in the manufacturing of the jewellery is very important.

To what extent are packaging from Dahlinger affected by the new VerpackG?

You can read our customer information for the specialist retail trade in Germany on the new packaging law in this PDF.