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What you can expect from a cooperation with us

Research & analysis

In the first step, our experts analyse your product environment. We familiarise ourselves with the market, your customers and also you. Here, we focus keenly on your target group and their requirements. We then use the findings from this to draw up the requirements for the design to be developed.

Brainstorming & conceptual design

In the next step, our creative minds are deployed and initial design ideas are developed. We focus our attention on ensuring that all ideas are always examined correctly with regard to their economic and strategic market suitability, as well as being further optimised and refined over the course of the process. Your feedback is extremely important during this phase. As such, we engage in close coordination and include multiple rounds with our customers, as well as the technical experts from our development.

Concept & detailing

As soon as the concept is in place, we give the idea a face using photorealistic, CAD-based renderings.


Once the design has been implemented down to the finest details in the CAD system and approved by our customer, we bring the concept to life. Our model workshop allows you to see and touch the design.


Together with our in-house engineering team, we support our customers all the way to series production