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Getting ideas down on paper

The creative minds from our design studio record their initial ideas directly on paper


An idea you can touch

Our sample production section brings your idea to life and allows you to hold an initial prototype in your hands


Craftsmanship for the finest products

We create exceptional products by hand at our base in Lahr


Virtually unlimited variety of materials

The sky’s the limit when it comes to material, shape and colour - the main thing is that it fits you perfectly

Impressive design as a competitive advantage

More and more products become exchangeable which makes the look of packaging even more important for being different. Looking at the POS the packaging design can be the key driver for your impulsively buying decision. Packaging is also a key driver in communication of your brand. Successful companies have recognized this important factor and invest a lot of their attention into optimisation of the look of their packaging.

Beside packaging, we also create displays and decorations especially made to generate more impulsive buying decisions. We are driven by innovation, function and also technical aspects from production to ensure it is within economic targets. As a result Dahlinger designstudio realizes customized solutions in close cooperation with the client.
You can find out here exactly how the design process works from the initial idea to the finished product.
Find out more about our expertise and the areas in which we can support you here.
Our team of industrial designers, media designers and product designers will be happy to help you.