since 1871
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Made in the Far East 

The Economic Mass Production with German Quality

Most of our production sites are located in the Far East. Our subsidiary in Guangzhou (CN) provides on-site support, monitoring the entire project and ensuring quality. Most of our production partners work exclusively for Dahlinger.

Made in Europe

Creative Cardboard Packaging 

We offer high quality cardboard boxes Made in EU. With short delivery times and flexible quantities, we ensure that your packaging requirements are met promptly. Our products are characterised by diverse designs that are created through the skilful combination of machine production and manual work. This unique combination enables individual and appealing packaging solutions at attractive prices. 

Made in Germany


"Handmade-in-Germany" means hand-crafted and customised products of extraordinary value and quality, authenticity and luxury. In Germany, we manufacture cases, trays, displays and storage solutions made from wood in small quantities.