Jewellery roll, anthracite

Product number: 19200500510000
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Packaging unit: 5 pcs

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from 3000 pcs 9,48 € per 1 pcs
from 1000 pcs 10,17 € per 1 pcs
from 500 pcs 10,40 € per 1 pcs
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Scale prices:
from 3000 pcs 9,48 € per 1 pcs
from 1000 pcs 10,17 € per 1 pcs
from 500 pcs 10,40 € per 1 pcs
from 300 pcs 10,97 € per 1 pcs
from 100 pcs 11,55 € per 1 pcs
from 50 pcs 12,81 € per 1 pcs
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Details about this product

Customized promotional products with personalization by printing. Your logo as a constant reminder to your customers. We imprint these promotional products free of charge with your own logo.


  • customer gift / promotional items
  • travel bag for pendants, earrings, rings

Dimensions (width x depth x height)

  • 155 x 320 x 40 mm
  • 155 x 60 x 60 mm furled


  • satin
  • cord (with seal, only if you have selected seal imprint)


  • satin, with three compartments & zipper
  • ring bar with snap fastener

Size of your logo

  • max. Ø 11 mm

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